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A little story about me

Kate Marx Casual

When I was in the first grade, I was in the lowest reading level group. And then one day, we read the story Chicken Little. Now, I was familiar with this story because my older sister's Girl Scout Troop performed the play and I was there for every rehearsal. So when it was my turn to read, I read it brilliantly, creating a voice for each character. My teacher was so impressed, I was moved to the highest reading level, and while that is a different story, what I realized is that my voice can bring words to life, giving them more meaning and personality, and that I have the ability to make stories engaging. Armed with this new realization I constantly practiced reading out loud to anyone and everyone who would listen and eventually embarked on getting a degree in Drama, a Master's in Educational Leadership, a certification in digital storytelling and voice over training at Voice One. Being a voice over artist allows me to follow my passion in finding the story and making it accessible so it will resonate with the listener. I am at my best when collaborating with others to build a fun, enjoyable and creative relationship. My voice has been described as approachable, trustworthy, soothing and warm and is well suited to honoring the words that will bring the vision of your story to life. I have a wide vocal range that spans the ages from 30 to 55. I can play many things, but my voice lends itself easily to playing the boss, the mom, sister, the best friend or even a cool aunt. I am reliable, professional, dedicated and delighted that I am fulfilling the dream of a first grader by being a voice over artist.

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